October 24, 2014 @ Buchanan’s Coffee Pub


Jaclyn Hawkins is a writer whose heart forever dwells within the Appalachian Mountains. She recently graduated with her MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, and currently works at Naropa University. Her work has been published online in a few literary journals no one has heard of, and instead spends her time walking the creek path with her new puppy, Stella, or writing in bed while Fitz the cat snuggles her, or talking about whatever you want to talk about over a glass of wine.

Nick Hranilovich would just really like someone to spoon with.

Steph Rizzo is a queer musician-poet, energy healer and herbalist. She’s always been passionate about music as a means of expression, but only started writing music a year ago and hasn’t stopped since. Steph recently moved to Boulder from Boston, MA to forge her path as a yoga instructor/therapist. When she’s not frolicking/foraging in nature, messing around on the ukulele or meditating, Steph enjoys nannying and making nourishing (paleo) food-medicine. You can find Steph’s first solo album, called “Moon Salutations” at stephrizzo.bandcamp.com.

BP is Back – Photos from September 20th @ Trident

An archive of a beautiful evening…

The Features: 

 The Soulful Hannah Kezma – 

Hannah 2     hannah 1

The Magical Tootles Methuselah – 

Tootles 1      Tootles 2

The Inspiring Lisa Flowers –  

Flowers         lisa 2

The Open Mic:

Till Gwinn 

Till Gwinn

 La Nore

La Nore 



John Montgomery

Professor Montgomery

 Eric Fischmen

Eric Fischman



Phil Me Brightly

Phil Me Brightly


Forrest Lotterhos


Jesse Childs


Dason Anderson


June Lucarotti

And of course…


A wonderful audience.    

Thank you to everyone for welcoming back Bouldering Poets with such open arms.  Can’t wait to see you all again later this month at Buchanan’s!

September 20, 2014


Lisa A. Flowers is a poet, critic, vocalist,  the founding editor of Vulgar Marsala Press, and the author of diatomhero: religious poems. Her work has appeared in The Cortland Review, elimae, Tarpaulin Sky, The Collagist, Entropy, and other magazines and online journals. She is a poetry curator for Luna Luna Magazine. Raised in Los Angeles and Portland, OR, she now resides in the rugged terrain above Boulder, Colorado. Visit her here or here.

Hannah Kezema is an artist from the east coast. She is currently an MFA candidate in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She graduated from The New School in 2012 with a BA in Literature. This year, she is the recipient of the Leslie Scalapino Scholarship and the Robert Creeley Scholarship. Her work has been featured in Bombay Gin, Semicolon, and the CORE International Journal of the Humanities, distributed in Paris.

Tootles Methuselah is a performer of poetry in Boulder, CO. He makes music with a guitar and a guitar and a bass and a drum and a bow and a looper and a voice. He co-founded the Full Moon Poetry Jam in Morrison Alley and LuNaMoPoLiS.

August 16, 2014

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The 2014 Denver Mercury Team consists of Beck, Connor Marvin, Paulie Lipman, Eddie Eifler, and Kyle Sutherland, with alternate Piper Mullins.  The members of this years team include poets, activists, full time artists, students and teachers.  If there is one phrase that captures the essence of the Denver Mercury Slam this year it is definitely: “Go Be Great!”   This year’s members have been a part of 16 slam teams collectively and feature two Rookie members.  We are honored to share our work with the Bouldering Poet’s community.

Ellie Swensson is a second year MFA Writing & Poetics candidate at Naropa University. She graduated from Denison University in 2011 with a BA in Creative Writing and Religious Studies and received the Ohio Poetry Association’s William Redding Memorial Poetry Prize in 2012. Her publications include critical work in the Denison Journal of Religion and Articulate, creative work in Exile, Semicolon, the Rathalla Review, and Hive, and a collaboration piece composed with Michael Malpiedi in the upcoming issue of The Love Shovel Review.

Black Market Translation is composed of poet punks with day jobs and debt. They play songs. Sometimes the same way twice. Then they go off and it is even more awesome as far as they can remember. Then they talk about stuff. Real important stuff, philosophical stuff, the arts and smoothies and shit. Then they play the songs again. Then noise. Black Market Translation is noise. Noise is not found at a store near you, though it is everywhere you want to be. Black Market Translation gets down. They are here to play some songs for you. Achtung impunk!!


Janelle Fine is a poet and artist from Los Angeles who started being creative as early as preschool. Her favorite thing to do is play with type. She is obsessed with her leopard gecko max, bow ties, matchboxes and miniatures and is co editor and founder of Le Petit Press. She wants to spend the rest of her life handcrafting beautiful things.

Vanessa Angelica Villarreal was born five miles from the US/Mexico border to a guitarist and a florist. She earned her MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she teaches Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in Western Humanities Review, NANO Fiction, The Colorado Review Online, and elsewhere. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two dogs.

Bricolage consists of Nathan Jennings and Spencer Carnes.

Born in the dessert plains of Arizona but with a Boulder heart, Nathan Jennings is guitarist with three years experience as a jazz component. He is currently experimenting in all different kinds of music, and is working towards someday headlining his own show, but is content getting to make music throughout his life.

Spencer Carnes is a third year college student at The University of Colorado majoring in Creative Writing and Political Science. His poetry career has been limited to local open mics, but he’s excited to be pushing the boundaries of collaboration with Nathan, and is excited about their current project. They would like to thank friends, family and the local art community for their support.

July 12, 2014


Alan Mudd seeks the performance of small inarticulate spaces in the natural human world, but, son of a preacher, often confuses for poetry. Otherwise the logic of a daydream. Dislikes windows that won’t open. Author of Bumble (2013); co-founder of the Full Moon Poetry Jam in Morrison Alley; recipient of the Robert Creeley Scholarship (Naropa University); co-founder of LuNaMoPoLiS; his work has appeared in Semicolon, American Letters & Commentary (Alan Collier), and Squid Quarterly (Alan Collier).

Teacup Gorilla are petite & deadly ground-dwelling apes that inhabit the china-shops of Denver with angular riffs and obtuse stomping. Since forming in 2010, Teacup Gorilla have performed at poetry readings and hard-core house shows; in bars, breweries, and garages; composed live theatre soundtracks; and founded The Bakery arts warehouse. Inspired by bands like Mogwai, Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Fugazi, they create a music of conflict, disagreement, struggle, and collaboration without compromise.

Chris Shugrue was born on the run. He is a writer, performer, and photographer whose work appears in several journals, including SemicolonSans MerciThe Front Porch News, and Bombay Gin. His prose chapbook, Straw Writes (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2014), was named a finalist in the Monkey Puzzle Press 2013 Prose Chapbook Contest. Chris holds an MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and also assists with promoting and archiving the monthly performance series, Bouldering Poets.  Chris’ current work explores the ghost and what it means to be haunted.  He lives, works, writes, and teaches in Boulder with his fiancé, the writer Elyse Brownell, and their 106 pound malamute, Yoda, Son of Chewie. For more info, visit his blog: twocrowsonawire.blogspot.com




April 3, 2014

Martin Balgach‘s chapbook Too Much Breath was recently published by Main Street Rag. His writing has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Cream City Review, Fogged Clarity, Rain Taxi, and Stirring, among other journals. He holds an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, works in publishing, and lives with his wife and son in Erie, Colorado.

Graham Isaac is a writer, organizer, and performer from Seattle, Washington. His work has appeared in journals like Beat the Dust, Jeopardy, Licton Springs Review, and Hoarse, amongst others. In Seattle, he co-curates the Claustrophobia smallspace reading series, as well as Da’Daedal, a regularly occurring mashup of improvisational music, visual art, poetry and dance. His book “Filthy Jerry’s Guide to Parking Lots” was released in 2013 by Babel/Salvage press. He is allergic to cats.

Field Notes [Angel Dominguez] writes things. Originally from Los Angeles, he received his BA in Poetry from UC Santa Cruz. He is currently an MFA candidate at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. He is the founding editor of the Omni Writers Collective Press, the co-founding editor of TRACT / TRACE: an investigative journal, and presently the senior editor for the Bombay Gin literary journal. His work has appeared in The Bombay Gin, Omni Symposium vol.1, and is forthcoming in the Berkeley Poetry Review. Most recently he completed an interview chapbook TIME-SCAPING with Mary Burger, published by Pinball Press. Now residing in Boulder Colorado, he is exploring the sentence and what it is for. http://m.soundcloud.com/field-notes-1


Proud to be a part of Boulder Arts Week

April 3, 2014