February 21st @ The Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Bar


Domingo David Canizales III is a practicing poet from Southern California. Things he has written have been published in a few obscure places and he has taught a class on creative writing at the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. Currently, he is working on several projects, including his MFA thesis which has a grounding in ritual poetics. At the moment he lives in Boulder, CO with other unassuming artists, dancers, and felines.

dustin holland lives in longmont and helps organize a series of music/poetry/comedy/art shows called “Don’t Yell At Me” He likes writing poetry, painting, and playing with dogs. also tequila and chocolate bars.

$lumberparty is a non-binary hip-hop crew speaking to the truth movement, an expression of human authenticity. With its roots founded in Fairfield, IL $lumberparty continues to spread swagger in Boulder–its current members are Alexis aka D’$pite, Steph aka Stevie Weaver, and BritDany on the mic as BritDizzle.


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