Lydia Blackburn on $lumberparty

Sisters sitting in circle, each light it’s own hue; rose and jade and amethyst purple. Candles grace the altar, burning flame. Light casting shadow, hearts hold space with grace for the wholeness of duality. From that well of womb(an)d wisdom, rhythm runs through blood and bones; a song to be sung, tale to be told, alchemy unfolds. A melody hummed, beat forms through lips and laughter, tones harmonize, intentions realized, truth spoken. Perceptions of reality are reflected and refracted, words crafted of love and authenticity. Flow in constant motion, an ocean of waves to engulf you. Swim in the vast salty sea, $lumberparty is here to give voice to the tides of times, turning.

10153783_10152983447671563_3706911175444788302_n   10494299_316499215177510_4041487430227403567_o  breezy

$lumberparty, is a non-binary hip hop crew speaking to the truth movement, expression of human authenticity. With its roots founded in Fairfield, IL, $lumberparty continues to spread swagger in Boulder– its current members are Alexis aka D’Spite, Steph aka Stevie Weaver, and BritDany on the mic as BritDizzle.


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