August 16, 2014

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The 2014 Denver Mercury Team consists of Beck, Connor Marvin, Paulie Lipman, Eddie Eifler, and Kyle Sutherland, with alternate Piper Mullins.  The members of this years team include poets, activists, full time artists, students and teachers.  If there is one phrase that captures the essence of the Denver Mercury Slam this year it is definitely: “Go Be Great!”   This year’s members have been a part of 16 slam teams collectively and feature two Rookie members.  We are honored to share our work with the Bouldering Poet’s community.

Ellie Swensson is a second year MFA Writing & Poetics candidate at Naropa University. She graduated from Denison University in 2011 with a BA in Creative Writing and Religious Studies and received the Ohio Poetry Association’s William Redding Memorial Poetry Prize in 2012. Her publications include critical work in the Denison Journal of Religion and Articulate, creative work in Exile, Semicolon, the Rathalla Review, and Hive, and a collaboration piece composed with Michael Malpiedi in the upcoming issue of The Love Shovel Review.

Black Market Translation is composed of poet punks with day jobs and debt. They play songs. Sometimes the same way twice. Then they go off and it is even more awesome as far as they can remember. Then they talk about stuff. Real important stuff, philosophical stuff, the arts and smoothies and shit. Then they play the songs again. Then noise. Black Market Translation is noise. Noise is not found at a store near you, though it is everywhere you want to be. Black Market Translation gets down. They are here to play some songs for you. Achtung impunk!!


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