July 12, 2014


Janelle Fine is a poet and artist from Los Angeles who started being creative as early as preschool. Her favorite thing to do is play with type. She is obsessed with her leopard gecko max, bow ties, matchboxes and miniatures and is co editor and founder of Le Petit Press. She wants to spend the rest of her life handcrafting beautiful things.

Vanessa Angelica Villarreal was born five miles from the US/Mexico border to a guitarist and a florist. She earned her MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she teaches Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in Western Humanities Review, NANO Fiction, The Colorado Review Online, and elsewhere. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two dogs.

Bricolage consists of Nathan Jennings and Spencer Carnes.

Born in the dessert plains of Arizona but with a Boulder heart, Nathan Jennings is guitarist with three years experience as a jazz component. He is currently experimenting in all different kinds of music, and is working towards someday headlining his own show, but is content getting to make music throughout his life.

Spencer Carnes is a third year college student at The University of Colorado majoring in Creative Writing and Political Science. His poetry career has been limited to local open mics, but he’s excited to be pushing the boundaries of collaboration with Nathan, and is excited about their current project. They would like to thank friends, family and the local art community for their support.


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