Alan Mudd seeks the performance of small inarticulate spaces in the natural human world, but, son of a preacher, often confuses for poetry. Otherwise the logic of a daydream. Dislikes windows that won’t open. Author of Bumble (2013); co-founder of the Full Moon Poetry Jam in Morrison Alley; recipient of the Robert Creeley Scholarship (Naropa University); co-founder of LuNaMoPoLiS; his work has appeared in Semicolon, American Letters & Commentary (Alan Collier), and Squid Quarterly (Alan Collier).

Teacup Gorilla are petite & deadly ground-dwelling apes that inhabit the china-shops of Denver with angular riffs and obtuse stomping. Since forming in 2010, Teacup Gorilla have performed at poetry readings and hard-core house shows; in bars, breweries, and garages; composed live theatre soundtracks; and founded The Bakery arts warehouse. Inspired by bands like Mogwai, Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Fugazi, they create a music of conflict, disagreement, struggle, and collaboration without compromise.

Chris Shugrue was born on the run. He is a writer, performer, and photographer whose work appears in several journals, including SemicolonSans MerciThe Front Porch News, and Bombay Gin. His prose chapbook, Straw Writes (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2014), was named a finalist in the Monkey Puzzle Press 2013 Prose Chapbook Contest. Chris holds an MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and also assists with promoting and archiving the monthly performance series, Bouldering Poets.  Chris’ current work explores the ghost and what it means to be haunted.  He lives, works, writes, and teaches in Boulder with his fiancé, the writer Elyse Brownell, and their 106 pound malamute, Yoda, Son of Chewie. For more info, visit his blog:



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