January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Jason Hardung‘s  work has appeared in a bunch of journals and magazines including:  3AM, Monkey Bicycle, Evergreen Review, New Wave Vomit, Thought Catalog, Word Riot, Thrasher Magazine and The New York Quarterly.  He has two books of poetry out on Epic Rites Press and Lummox Press.  He has been an editor for Wolverine Farm Publishing and the Front Range Review in Ft. Collins, Colorado where he lives in a commune. In 2013 he was voted Ft. Collins Poet Laureate.  He still has a bird whose feet fell off, but don’t worry, it still sings.

Ella Longpre is a writer and musician from Michigan, California, and Massachusetts who performs under the name dust savior. Her music communicates with ghosts but sometimes she must perform exorcisms. ellalongpre.tumblr.co

Lola Xylophone received an MA in Poetry at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and is currently an MFA student at Naropa University. Her poetry has been published in various journals, both print and online, including PoemsMemoiresStories magazine, Monkey Puzzle Press, and Mixed Fruit Magazine. One day she would like to live in an underground house with sunflowers growing out of the roof.


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