October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013

Rob Geisen‘s the author of several books of poetry (Beautiful GraveyardPaper Thin, I See You LewisAvenge Me). With Olatundji Akpo-sani he co-founded Baobob Tree Press and has hosted weekly open mics at The Burnt Toast, Album’s Bistro, and The No Name Bar on The Hill. His short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies/magazines/etc (McSweeney’s, The Guardian, Fast Forward, Love Shovel Review). Also known as Get in the car, Helen, he writes books and an ongoing column for Monkey Puzzle Press. His blog posts take a look at classic films, and otherwise obscure low budget flicks, and how they relate to American culture. His most recent book is The Aftermath, etc. (monkeypuzzlepress.com).

Matt Clifford rambler, troubadour, dissident tablet, unsuppressed badass, mugwump agitator, active verbiator, fine print peruser, incontinent spirit, heretical accountant, america addict, knowledge sharer, provider when asked of free literature, radical cowabunga royal ranto this then here Matt Clifford is a middle aged carpenter teen wife candy poet eating journals off the bathroom floor publishing the results on a golden scroll.

Látlaus Ský is the acoustic helicopter in the night. With soft bladed vocals and the steady rise of raw emotion coming over the hills. Precise calm, waiting. Then as if you had always known, you arrive. Electronic composer Látlaus Ský smoothly blends a background in acoustic guitar, ambient synths, and hypnotic percussion into what makes you forget the world ever existed. He calls it arctic-pop. Whatever it is, it comes from the world of a person who lived among frozen trees and moss for two decades and is just now crawling out of the forest and into the moonlight.



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