August 17, 2013

August 17,  2013

Banshee Tree‘s branches grow back into the ground, with a trunk resembling the legs of a large elephant. Weeping branches surrounding in a blanket of green. This Banshee tree is transplanted from Upstate NY to the Rocky Mountains. Using traditional styles of New Orleans Hot Jazz, Folk, Gypsy,& Dirty Blues to create something entirely different. Fronted by Thomas LaFond and Kalyn Pembridge using Acoustic Guitar Percussion, Upright Bass, Alto Saxophone, & Vocal Harmonies to help bring us all back to our roots.

SETH  For more than 20 years, poet & performance artist SETH has been collaborating with countless musicians, poets, actors and dancers, melding spoken word with the other performance art forms. An actor and percussionist as well as a poet and fiction writer, SETH recently compiled 30 years of his best poetry and performance pieces into a single narrative charting the trials & triumphs of a modern day Afro-American Odysseus. Titled A Black Odyssey, the book’s language runs the gamut from the vernacular to the Elizabethan, everything from pattern poems, free verse, prose poems, sonnets, political trouble-making, love songs, fiery sermons, quiet meditations and even parodies of Mother. SETH has been a member of Denver’s National Poetry Slam Team and currently performs regularly at the Mercury Café in Denver with the poetic-musical ensemble, Art Compost & the Word Mechanics. You can learn more about SETH by visiting his website at www.wagingart,com.

Thomas Peters Born, worked. graduated Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics with degree in Writing & Poetics, graduated first in his class of one. Peters founded the Beat Book Shop 1990. Peters has several publications including: “Listen to my Machine” (Rodent Press, 1994), “over the roofs of the world,” (Cityful Press, 1995). “100 missed train stations,” (Holy Mackerel Press, 1995). “over the roofs of the world,” (2000 dead metaphor press). “I know why the caged bird drinks,” (2003, farfalla press), “100 missed train stations” (farfalla press – expanded edition with additional work) 2002, 2004. “Book of Silence,” 2005, left hand press, “certain birds,” (elik press, 2012).  He also has made 32 films and worked some.


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