One Year Anniversary!

One Year Anniversary!


Sarah Elizabeth Schantz is an award-winning writer from Boulder, CO where she literally grew up next door to the Trident in what used to be a mystery bookstore. In 2011, she won her first contest hosted by Third Coast and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Fall Orlando Prize in Short Fiction hosted by the foundation A Room of Her Own. This year she was selected as the winner of a contest hosted by the feminist press, Saturday’s Child and then as the winner of Monkey Puzzle’s flash fiction award. She recently finished her first novel, The Calendar of Ordeals, and is now working on another. She collects owl figures, Edwardian-style nightgowns, Lotus slippers and Blue Willow. She enjoys long walks under full moons, day dreaming in the bath tub and Ikebana.

Michele Battiste is the author of two poetry collections: Ink for an Odd Cartography (2009) and Uprising (2013, forthcoming), both from Black Lawrence Press. She is also the author of four chapbooks, the most recent of which is Lineage (Binge Press, 2012). Her work has recently appeared in American Poetry Review, The Awl, Anti-, Mid-American Review, and Women’s Studies Quarterly. She has received a few awards here and there, loves candy, but thinks everyone should eat more vegetables. She lives in Boulder, CO where she raises funds for nonprofits undoing corporate evil. You can find out more at

From September 2011 to April 2012, Robert Snyderman mobilized 27 non-actors in Rhode Island to work through, memorize, build and enact a text dedicated to utilizing unoccupied and under-occupied city spaces of Providence for ritual and art. This work culminated in a late-winter performance, on an open brick square in the city. He has written and helped distribute/direct poems and performances in Amsterdam, Lithuania, New York City, Berlin, Vancouver, San Francisco, Philadelphia. He is a graduate of the Brown Literary Arts MFA program and teaches ethics at The Colorado School of Mines and poetry to children at Lois Lenski Elementary School & vendors of the street paper, Denver Voice.

Lula Granji the hermit trio squashes together psychedelic dance-rock, experimental, blues, breakbeats, trance, worldbeat, and funk, all of which help create their ethereal soundscape.


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