March 22, 2013


303 Vodka & Whiskey Distillery
ALL AGES. no cover.
open mic to close.


Georgia Van Gunten loves to ride her bike downhill into the wind while screaming at the top of her lungs. She has been arrested for disorderly conduct. She calls herself a poet, which you may or may not agree with. There are quite a few schoolyard beatings in her childhood. She once ate roadkill off a workbench, it was delicious. Her kneecaps look like they’ve been attacked by rabid squirrels from a lifetime series of bicycle crashes. She has had stitches on her face, she was also once bitten in the face by an ancient Doberman. Georgia Van Gunten is probably insane, she also wrote this and feels bad for the person who has to utter this foolishness aloud. She has two dogs and a cat and she collects books and bones and teeth and old identification cards.


Eric Meyer is a multimedia artist, writer, developer, musician, and performer, with a specialty in non-collaborative co-creation (whatever that is). He worked as a Master Electrician (Umble Center), Technical Director (The LIDA Project), and Artistic Director (New World Arts), before co-founding a web development firm (OddBird), an art collective (Teacup Gorilla), and a scape-goat (Vicious Trap). He’s a sucker for that arty bullshit.


Teacup Gorilla is an art collective with post-rock tendencies. They have been working/fighting together for over 10 years on everything from math-punk to blues-rock, ensemble theatre, poetry, and graphic design. Recent projects include a live soundscape for Vicious Trap’s “Missa Populi” and the music for “Into the Green Green Mud” – a multimedia digital novel.


A long time Boulder resident, Ellen Orleans writes fiction, non-fiction, and half-fiction, with the occasional prose poem tossed in. The author of five books and a chapbook, she recently completed _Inside, the World is Orange_, a fictionalized memoir about her mother’s death and parents’ marriage. She is currently writing a series of inter-linked short stories called Prayer for Dew as well as a series of picture books featuring Maggie the Magpie. A fan of birds, kayaking, and wildflowers, Ellen hopes to someday visit all the national parks in the lower 48 states. When not hiking, writing, or birding, Ellen glues small objects inside cigar boxes and calls it art.



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